London 2012 Olympics Home Exchange

Visit LondonLondon truly is one of the world’s great cities with something for almost every taste. With the excitment generated by the Royal wedding and then the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (2nd – 5th Jun), the London 2012 Olympics (27th Jul – 12th Aug) and Paralympics (29th Aug – 9th Sept) set for next year… there is no better time to start planning your London vacation.

Finding accommodation in London?
However with so many people flocking to London, many hotels are cashing in and hiking up their prices during the Olympics. An alternative, cost effective and fun option is to arrange a home swap during the event.

Whether you are wishing to visit the UK during the Olympics or even if you’re a Londoner looking to escape, a home exchange may be the answer. With thousands of homes for exchange in and around London (and worldwide!), Home Base Holidays is the ideal place to plan your London home swap. Homes for exchanges include luxury home swaps, city apartments… even London house boat swaps!

  Browse homes for exchange in and around London

Further information to help you plan your trip to London:


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